Years back, you might recall looking through a card catalog to find a book at the library, however times have changed. Most card catalogs have been moved to archives or removed all together from your local library and replaced by computers. Now you can search even faster and find what your looking for (even if its at another branch). 

Hospitals, hotels, banks, and numerous other industries that used to rely heavily on printed material have almost gone paperless, so why are you still printing karaoke songbooks?
With the cost of printing and the headache of stuffing sheet protectors in new binders only to find your books soiled by overturned cocktails at the bar on Friday night, why are you still printing karaoke songbooks?
Its time to go digital! Request Your Song makes it easy to put your karaoke songlist right at your customer’s fingertips. Allow your customers to browse your books and request songs directly from their mobile phone. Other industries have made the switch, its time for you to do the same. 

Thank you to all of our Request Your Song subscribers. We are continuously striving to make our service better. We would like to bring you up to date on a few changes


.KJ’s will find it much easier to find your songs in your manage songs tab. We have added a quick search box to speed up any songs they may need to be updated in your songlist.

We have also fixed the case sensitive problem our KJ’s were experiencing. Now all requests will display singer’s names in the proper case sensitive format.

The Venue ID has been replaced with a Show Number.

Request Your Song is constantly looking for new features to implement into our system to make the way you request karaoke songs easier.

We have just added a new feature that allows you to share with your friends what you are singing via Facebook and Twitter.

After you Request Your Song, you are taken to the confirmation screen….

On Friday January 6th, 2012, Request Your Song invaded Winchell’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Lexington, KY to visit 3D Entertainment’s Karaoke show. 3D Entertainment has been hosting karaoke there every Tuesday and Friday night for the past 7 years!!

We soon found out why…the first thing we noticed… 3D Entertainment can pack the house! There were several performers (it took over an hour and a half to get through the first rotation of the night) and the majority were really good singers!

At one point everyone got flash mobbed by a girl celebrating her birthday. “Nothing on You” by B.O.B featuring Bruno Mars started playing over the house system and the next thing we knew…we were surrounded by customers. Lucky for us we had a camera ready, because we snapped a few pictures!

Of course we also caught several people using Request Your Song on their mobile phones throughout the night. A special thank you to 3D Entertainment for your support of Request Your Song! We had a great time and will definitely look at visiting this venue again!

Our first stop is in the books, only eleven more to go! The next venue we decide to invade might be YOURS! If you have not signed up for Request Your Song Karaoke Service you can visit the our shop page to get started today!

Request Your Song Management Team

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