We have also removed the countdown feature after you make a request and have replaced it with options to return to the homepage to continue browsing songs, or you can register to become a Mikey's Member. Again, making it less confusing for performers that are finished browsing the KJ's song collection.

Request Your Song's confirmation screen updated

Mikey's Members get access to their favorite songs and your songs are stored all in one place. You will also get access to features such as text alerts that let you know when you are about to sing, and more! Best of all registration is free! Tto access the Mikey's Member section, go to the registration section after you receive the Venue ID for the evening.

We are continuing our efforts to make Request Your Song the number one tool for KJ's nationwide. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this service please let us know by leaving a comment here, or on our Facebook Page.

Thank you to all of our Request Your Song Users!



The Management Team