You now have your own Mikey’s Members!

KJ’s will now notice their company has their very own Mikey’s Members branded to your company. Mikey’s members give singers their own personal playlist for instant access to their favorite songs. As a Mikey’s Member Request Your Song keep track of your favorite songs, how many times you performed that song, and when was the last time you performed your favorite songs.

 Request Your Song also give your company the chance to send text message alerts to your singers to inform them when they are about to take the stage, but that’s just the beginning! As a Professional Request Your Song subscriber you have the ability to alert all your Mikey’s Members about upcoming shows, events, and specials with the Mass Text Message Feature! Visit our shop page to get started!



Your customer’s Facebook posts just got branded to your company!

Request Your Song already gives your performers the chance to Post their requests to their wall, or tweet about what they are singing, but as a Professional Request Your Song subscriber you get your company’s logo instead of the default Mikey image.







Did you just have a misclick?

As you are running your karaoke show, things get a little busy. Mistakes can happen. That is why Request Your Song added a view history option from your Host Control Panel. Here you can restore any of your previous singers to their previous status with a single click.


Until next time Happy Requesting!

Request Your Song Management Team